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Demons (Daemons)

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Demons (Daemons) Empty Demons (Daemons)

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:15 pm

*This is currently a topic that is under construction*

There is no mistaking it, no other spirit, deity/god, or entity is as misunderstood, feared, and hated as Demons. Even hearing the word Demon, or reading it, can give people a feeling of unease. However, Demons are not the feared beings that people think they are. Sometimes spelled Daemon or Daimon, the word Demon means "Replete with wisdom" derived from the Greek "daimon" meaning Divine power.

As you can see, these are from from the words usually associated with Demons, but why? Even the word implies that they are not inherently evil creatures, but ancient creatures "replete with wisdom" and "divine power". They are, essentially, the Forgotten Gods. They have been demonized through years and years of brainwashing by the Christian Church. They equated these ancient beings with Devils (lower entities that are known for hauntings and possession).

Let me be clear, Demons are not devils and they dont worship a devil. They are completely different entities all together. A working relationship with a demon can work wonders in your spiritual life. They usually are the quickest way to learn even the hardest lessons, and although this can seem harsh at times, you will always benefit greatly. Demons are more often "worked with" than "worshiped". This is because, some see Demons as nothing more than sources of energy, pure energy, and as the Demonolatry (demon based religion) saying goes "I dont worship my electric box". No matter the view on the nature of Demons, one thing is sure, they can and will help you reach your highest potential, if you let them and if you work. All you need is already inside you, the Demons simply help you discover it.

Next is an index of more well known and/or higher ranking Demons. In addition to the demon's name, you will find several facts about the demon. Obviously, the index is new and still growing. We hope when finished to have a completely comprehensive Demon Dictionary of sorts.

Please, feel free to submit a report on any demon not listed, and we will add the information to the Demon Index.

Category: Love, Lust, Relationships, Compassion (Connolly's "Complete Demonolatry" p65)
Hierarchies a Member of: Dukante's Demonic Aspects (1963)
Description: Described in Dukante's Hierarchy as the Priestess of Seduction. She is the twin of Taroon.
Enn: "Taran Rashoon Nanay"

Category: Knowledge, Secrets, Sorcery (Connolly's "Complete Demonolatry" p67)
Hierarchies a Member of: Collin de Plancy's Dictionaire Infernale (1863), Dukante's Demonic Aspects (1963)
Origin: Unknown
Element: Earth (Dukante Book 7 p73)
Description: Demon of Linguistic Knowledge (Plancy). Demon of Knowledge (Dukante). In some accounts he is a lesser Demon. He appears most often in dreams, in locations where intellectuals might gather such as libraries, bookstores, and cafes. Changes his appearance often. Consistently wise/sagely demeanor. An old soul. Wise/understanding eyes. (Connolly p74)
Enn: "Kaymen Vefa Ronwe"
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Jas DelaLuna
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