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Separate board for demons?

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Should the Demons be removed from Deities, Angels, and Demons?

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Separate board for demons? Empty Separate board for demons?

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:45 pm

So I would like to get a poll going to get the opinion of the other guests and members of the Oracle. We are considering starting a Dark Paganism board that will be accessible by application only to those who wish to have access to it. This was, no one will be offending by satanic or left handed practices, and will only see them if you so chose to.

IF THIS DOES HAPPEN, would you like to keep the library of Demon articles here in Deities, Angels, and Demons? Or do you think the Demons should be removed from the Deities and Angels and listed in the soon to come Dark Paganism board?

Please feel free to vote and state your opinion as a reply.

Love and Light,

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