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Magickal Themes

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Magickal Themes Empty Magickal Themes

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:35 pm

I originally wrote this article for a completely Wiccan audience, hence the terminology used. It still applies to any form of paganism, however

Finding your Magickal Theme

The What and the Who

A Magickal Theme: a specific type of magick or a group of magickal practices that a Magickal Practitioner focuses on, specializes in, and/or excels at.
Although good wiccans (and good non-wiccan magickal practitioners) generally incorporate a wide variety of magickal techniques into their personal practice, most will always have a Magickal Theme.

The How and the Why

The development of a Magickal Theme is generally due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

Arrow You feel a strong draw or connection to that specific area of Magick.
Arrow You particularly enjoy that specific type of Magick, so naturally incorporate it more often
Arrow The materials and tools used for that type of magick are the ones that are most readily available to you.
Arrow You have noticed that you possess a certain talent or knack for this particular area of Magick.

Magick with Meaning

When you recognize your Magickal Theme, or at least a few specific areas of focus, you will often progress a great deal in your Spellcasting abilities. Finding an area of Magick that you can connect to on a deeper level will cause an increase in your desire to work on your progression, aa more powerful will, and an increased love for Magick and the Earth.

A Well Rounded Witch

Once again, I want to stress that I am not implying that a good Magickal Practitioner must limit their self to one area of magick. On the contrary, magickal diversity is the key to a well rounded, well prepared, and well practiced witch or other magickal practitioner. I only wish to explain the natural development of a specialty in a specific type of Magick, a magickal niche or Theme.

Various Magickal Themes

This is NOT an all inclusive list, because there are many types of Magick around the globe. However, this list is rather extensive and will certainly be enough to provide a foundation for additional study:

Arrow Candle Magick
Arrow Crystal Magick
Arrow Knot Magick
Arrow Elemental Magick
Arrow Kitchen Witchcraft
Arrow Hedge Witchcraft
Arrow Divination
Arrow Poppet Magick
Arrow Hoodoo
Arrow Moon Magick
Arrow Sea Magick
Arrow Animal Magick
Arrow Healing Magick
Arrow Demonic Magick
Arrow Herbal Magick
Arrow Death Magick
Arrow Angelic Magick
Arrow High Magick
Arrow Celtic Magick
Arrow Color Magick
Arrow Dragon Magick

As you can tell, many of these practices are not generally accepted by Wiccan traditions, but others are heavily influential in Wicca (herbal, celtic, kitchen, candle, crystal, etc.). It is important to remember that, although you may not practice or condone certain magickal practices, all of these magickal practices have their own beauty and personal moral standards despite their perceived "darker nature". Just as Healing Magick, Celtic Magick, and Angelic Magick are not always walks in the park.

What does this mean for you?

As you start out on your new spiritual journey in Wicca and witchcraft, I encourage you to embrace the spiritual mantra "Know Thyself". Pay attention to your inner Spirit, and the Spirit of Divine, for they often will help lead us to our highest potential. Pay attention to what particular areas of Magick appeal to you, what practices do you feel you have a "knack" for. The more you pay attention to yourself, the sooner you will recognize your Magickal Theme.

I encourage you to learn about the areas of Magick you are interested in. If you do not yet feel a "draw" to any of these, then I encourage you to pick two of these that you know little about and learn as much as you can about them. Look around Magicka, surf the web, open up one of your 101 books and explore. Also, if you have any questions about Magickal Themes in General feel free to post your questions here. Likewise, feel free to contribute to the discussion in any way!

Magickal Themes Mfc_protected
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