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Experiencing Divinity Three: Meditation

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Experiencing Divinity Three: Meditation Empty Experiencing Divinity Three: Meditation

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:56 pm

Hi Smile and welcome to the Meditation Workshop, part three of the Experiencing Divinity series. This workshop requires less introduction than most, as it is on a subject most people, not just spiritual ones, are familiar with. This being said,it is far from being practiced by most people outside of the spiritual community, and usually only practiced moderately by the majority of the people IN the spiritual community.

While Meditation can be difficult for most at first, it is far from being a practice only reserved for the Advanced. In fact, if there is only one practice you take away from your studies of Paganism, it should be Meditation. I say this, because it serves as a basis for everything else you do as a spiritual person. Magick is impossible without it, its difficult to be in tune with our own bodies without it, and its extremely hard to grow psychically, or experience psychic ability in the first place, without it.

For this workshop, we will be posting several Exercises and Meditations that everyone (who wants to participate) can practice. Then simply record your experience (any thoughts, impressions, feelings experienced during the meditation) here in the Workshop as a reply to this message Smile

The first one will be coming soon! Smile

Love and Light,

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