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Dimensions Empty Dimensions

Post  Godsmack on Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:35 pm

This is not my own work. This information is taken from the book Ascension Magick by Christopher Penczak.

First Dimension

The sphere of planetary consciousness. It relates to the planetary being we call Mother Earth, or Gaia. This is the first level of consciousness that connects us all, because we all live in the biosphere of Mother Earth, even if we don't consciously recognize it.

Second Dimension

The consciousness level between the core of the planet and the surface. between Mother Gaia and humanity. The forces of nature that mediate between the heart of the Earth and the world of humans are the beings who are the guardians of the second density level. They are known by many names such as elementals, nature spirits and faeries.

Third Dimension

The easiest of the density levels to explain. The different levels become more difficult to describe the further away you get from the third dimension. This is the level of human consciousness. It is the surface of planet, but more importantly, it is the collective consensus physical reality that has height, length, width, linear time, cycles, seasons and the physical laws of Newtonian science. Humans are supposed to be the guardians and keepers of the third dimension, to align the vertical axis. From a higher dimension, our dimension is like a vertebra out of place, a slipped disc preventing alignment.

Fourth Dimension

The space of the collective unconsious, the archetypal realms that links the thoughts and mind of not only humanity but all the beings of Earth. Here we are beyond space and time. We experience this dimension as the dream world, or the astral plane. We can go anywhere or do anything here, limited only by our imagination. The keepers of the fourth dimension are the gods- not the ultimate creative source, but the many archetypal manifestations of divinity, recorded in our pagan mythologies as the pantheon of the gods.

Fifth Dimension

The fifth dimension is the dimension of unity. The individuality of consciousness merges harmoniously with the group identity of the collective conciousness. "You" and "I" identities more easily flow into "we", yet individuality is not completely sacrificed. This strange paradox is difficult for those of us in the third dimension to understand. The fifth dimension is often called Christ consciousness, though we could easily describe it using the name of any other mystic who has reached the same level. In the fifth dimension, we are truly conscious of the paradox of duality and separation. All paradoxes are resolved at this level. All dualities are understood. This dimension is emotional in nature, based on love.

Sixth Dimension

This is the realm of sacred geometry. It is the language of life and light, from which all things manifest. Sacred geometry is the study of form and structure. All material things in the third dimension have an energetic template. In order for anything to exist in the material world, it must first exist on the astral plane. Its pattern, its basic components, are fashioned from the geometry of light in the sixth dimension. This dimension is mental in nature, based on ideas and information.

Seventh Dimension

The seventh dimension is the realm of cosmic sound- not the vibratory patterns that we hear in the physical dimension, but the harmonics of creation. This is the sound of creation. Many traditions look at creation through sound imagery. We think of the universe as the song of creation. We each play our own note, our own pattern and melody, in the song. We each have our part. This dimension isn't just the realm of planetary sounds; it is the realm of the galaxy itself, as the orbits of the stars creat music of the heavens. In Judeo-Christian myth there is the concept of "the Word', as knowns as the Word of God or the Logos. In the biblical creation stories, it is the Word of God that creates the universe. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."-John 1:1.

Eighth Dimension

This is the realm of the Divine mind, or at least the aspect of the Divine Mind that manifest our galaxy. Some describe this as the divine light, but it is not simply light; it is the consciousness of our creation. In the faery traditions, there is the Utterer who speaks the world into creation. If his utterances are the actual "sound", or the seventh dimension, then the Utterer, the being doing the uttering, is the manifestation of the eight dimension. This is the mind of the galactic god, beyond shape and form in the way we think of divinities.

Ninth Dimension

This is the galactic center, metaphysically described as a black hole that acts as the gravitational linchpin of our system. The ninth-dimensional time waves emerge from this point, aided by the guardians whose name we draw from Mayan lore-the T'zolkin. These time waves are like the fertile soil in which our third dimension grows.

Tenth Dimension

This dimension is the vertical axis that aligns the previous nine dimensions. It is the shaman's world tree, the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the spire running through the dimensions. We use the tenth-dimensional axis all the time, to ascend and descend the vertical axis of reality, but the mastery of the entire axis gives us access to tenth-dimensional consciousness.

Eleventh Dimension

The eleventh dimension is the all-encompassing energy field that manifests and contains the previous dimensions. This is the first realm of universal consciousness. If we could envision the ever-expanding boundary of the universe, in all dimensions, the eleventh dimension would be that boundary and container.

Twelfth Dimension

This dimension is the Great Central Sun of our universe, the source from which all the galaxies in our universe emanate and around which they all revolve. It is the source of universal consciousness, and a higher aspect of the Divine Mind and Creator. It is the Universal Logos, the universal creative source.

Thirteenth Dimesnions

The thirteenth dimension is the gateway to the universes beyond our own universe. This is the level of cosmic consciousness, the Cosmic Logos, and the source of all the other universes in the multiverse. It is through this dimension that we are able to access other universes.

Once again, this is from the book Ascension Magick by Christopher Penczak. I've left out a lot of great material simply because this was strictly for information on the dimensions. I highly recommend this book to everyone, as it contains a great deal of spiritual information.

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Dimensions Empty Re: Dimensions

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:40 pm

Thank you so much for this article! I love Ascension Magick and Penczak's descriptions of the dimensions contained therein.

I highly recommend this article to anyone who wants a quick and simple guide to the dimensions.

I think you should consider Sticky-ing this post, and perhaps including it in Basics? Both decisions are up to you, as you are the moderator of this board and Basics, lol.

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