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Meditation Technique by Christopher Penczak

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Meditation Technique by Christopher Penczak Empty Meditation Technique by Christopher Penczak

Post  Godsmack on Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:54 am

Make sure that your environment allows you to meditate comfortably, without interruption. Turn cell phones off (or put them on silent), let loved ones know that you should not be disturbed, etc. You can also set the mood by lighting incense. Common incense burned during meditation are frankincense, myrrh or frank & myrrh. Of course, you can use any you personally like. Candles may be lit, as long as they are in a safe place where there is no fire danger. A dimly lit room is always nice.
Sit in a comfortable position (if you absolutely cannot sit, then you may lay down, just try not to fall asleep :p) whether it be cross-legged or on a chair. Allow your body to relax. Take a few deep breaths, and then continue on with the following:

Visualize a screen. It can be whatever kind of screen. TV screen, movie theater screen, white board, chalk board. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. Draw or visualize the number twelve on the screen. You can visualize actually being written out or see it just fade in or suddenly appear. Hold it there for a moment, and then erase it or allow it to fade. Once again, whatever feels most comfortable. Do this same thing counting downwards until you reach one.

After that is done, allow the screen to fade away. Slowly, silently, and at an even pace, count down from the number thirteen down to one. This should take you into an even deeper meditative state.

Once you've reached this state, you can do what you wish. Whether it be cleansing your aura or chakras, communicating with spirit guides, angels, demons, ascended masters or deities, to other meditation techniques.

Once you are done, you will simply count up from one to thirteen, silently, at an even pace, without visualizing the numbers. Then do the same, but this time, from one to twelve. After this, you will be in your normal state of waking consciousness.

I hope this meditation technique helps out. Smile

I just want to clarify that this is not my own work. This a meditation technique that I have read in some of Christopher Penczak's books.

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