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Hierarchy of Demons

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Hierarchy of Demons  Empty Hierarchy of Demons

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Sat Nov 26, 2011 4:36 am

Richard Dukante's Hierarchy (1963)

Family 1

Satan - King

Unsere - (Female) Fertility and Sorcery

Satanchia - Grand General (War)

Agaliarept - Assistant Grand General (War)

Lucifage - High Command (Control)

Flereous - Fire Elemental

Lucifer - Air Elemental

Beelzebuth - Lord of insects. [Note - more recent translations of older texts say Beelzebuth was translated improperly and it should have been Lord of Lords.]

Belphegore - Master of Weaponry- gain

Mesphito - Keeper of the book of death

Delepitoré- (Female) Demoness of magick.

Belial - Earth Elemental

Family 2 Luithian - Advisor

*Azlyn - (Female) Weaves the threads of things to come, future.

Leviathan - Water Elemental

Sonnelion - (Female) Demoness of hate

Family 3 Abbadon - Advisor

Ammon - demon of domination

Mammon - Demon of Avarice

Family 4 Rosier - Demon of love

Astarte - (Female) Demoness of love

Ashtaroth - (Female) Priestess of friendship

Astarot - Matters concerning the heart

Amducious - The destroyer

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust

Family 5 Eurynomous - Demon of Death

Balberith - Prince of dying

Babeal - Keeper of Graves

Family 6 Verrine - Demon of Health

Verrier - (Female) Demoness of herbal knowledge

Ronwe - Demon of Knowledge

Family 7 Svengali - Demon of Vengeance

Tezrian - (Female) Priestess of battle

Family 8 - Some speculation has arisen suggesting that family 8 should actually be coupled with family 3. As it has been suggested these are the females of that family.
Asafoetida - (Female) Demoness of feminine attributes

Rashoon - (Female) Priestess of seduction

Taroon - (Female) Priestess of Desire

Family 9 Consists of lesser hierarchy :


This is only one of many versions of the demonic hierarchy, but it is the most widely accepted and in my opinion, the most accurate by far. If youd like to see the other hierarchys, heres a link:
Jas DelaLuna
Jas DelaLuna
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Hierarchy of Demons  Empty Re: Hierarchy of Demons

Post  Godsmack on Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:53 pm

I agree. I feel this one is by far the most accurate, compared to the other ones I have seen.

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Blessed Be.

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