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Understanding and Accepting Other Religions

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Understanding and Accepting Other Religions Empty Understanding and Accepting Other Religions

Post  witchx on Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:37 pm

Assuming that, since you're on the Oracle, you are Pagan. Now, there are MANY, many different variations and ideas within Paganism. A Pagan wouldn't argue and belittle another Pagan, would they? So why should any religious group, whether they are blatant about it or not, imply that their life path is greater than any other? This isn't true. I am not 100% Pagan, per se, and I find it difficult to argue my own beliefs just for the simple fact that I am exposed to new ways of thinking and new perspectives EVERY DAY. What I believed in two months ago is likely to have evolved into a new light. I guess my point is, NO ONE RELIGION IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT or "RIGHT", not even Paganism. I feel as though if you limit yourself within religious guidelines and do not allow your spiritual self to advance and grow, you're hurting yourself. For example, and this is NOT a cheap shot towards Christians or anyone for that matter, going to church each week and learning the same ONE book your entire life puts certain limitations on oneself. I strongly believe in having faith, of any kind, however, what good is faith if not to better ourselves? Faith should help a person grow mentally, spiritually, and otherwise. How can someone grow if they do not allow (or even consider) any outside perspectives and opinions? No one path is right for everyone, but tolerance, understanding, and peace is something that ALL religions have in common yet they are the most unpracticed principles among society as a whole.

"The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can't be
organized or regulated. It isn't true that everyone should follow one
path. Listen to your own truth." - Ram Dass

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Understanding and Accepting Other Religions Empty Re: Understanding and Accepting Other Religions

Post  Son of Raven on Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:09 am

I very strongly agree with this and it has been something I've come to terms with over the course of my life, even before I discovered Paganism. Like you, I do not consider myself 100% pagan--hell if people ask me what I am, pagan is probably one of the last things I would say to accurately describe my beliefs. Even though many of its principles hold true to my heart I have also adopted a few beliefs found in many other spiritual walks of life--including christianity.

As you said, no one religion is the absolute truth. Because how can they be when religions are human made traditions created for the purpose of worshipping divinity in an organised fashion. However that does not mean their teachings are wholly false and not worth it. For example, Christianity strongly emphasises faith in something that cannot be proven empirically. Yet with that same faith many of them have truly become better people, which is something I think all spiritual/religious people would benefit to strive for.

You are right that adhering to one religious guideline could potentially hurt your spiritual growth, atleast from my experience it is. I like to study other religions and I have found that their teachings help me answer some questions I have about my own beliefs. Its like a large puzzle and I sometimes wonder what would happen if you put every religion ever made together, would we get the whole truth? Or just more questions?

Embarassed Heh, apologies if I rambled. Your topic stirred some thoughts and I thought I'd share them. Also, I greatly admire the quote at the end.

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