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Grounding Techniques

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Grounding Techniques Empty Grounding Techniques

Post  Godsmack on Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:49 pm

Grounding has got to be one of the most important things that people tend to neglect. I do it all the time lol

Grounding firmly places your soul back into the material body. Often times, we'll experience dizziness, headaches, lack of energy or too much energy as a result of being ungrounded. Grounding will help you be calm, at ease, and will allow you to focus yourself effectively.

One of the easiest methods to ground yourself is something that we do all the time. Eating is a very effective way of grounding, but it shouldn't be used all the time to ground. It's more of a last resort when you've tried everything else and can't seem to ground yourself. Eating a piece of bread can help with this, if you're just looking to ground.

Another method of grounding yourself is simply raise your arms up above your head. Make sure you raise them up as high as you can. Also, your palms should be facing towards the ground. Slowly bring your arms down, maintaining your palms facing the ground, until you've gone past your waist or as low as you can. You don't need to exert any sort of pressure or strain yourself in any sort of way. This will push down energy and bring the soul directly into the body.

The last method that I know is through visualization. There are many, many different kinds of visualizations out there for grounding. This is one method out of a few that I know:

Bring yourself into a light meditative state. You can also do this without it, but it's always nice to feel calm and serene before grounding yourself. This can be done standing or sitting down. Imagine a pillar of light coming from the heavens down into your head and moving it's way down your spine. The light continues on past you into the ground and deeper and deeper into the ground. The light eventually reaches the core of the earth and fixates itself there. From here on, you are anchored to the earth. You are grounded. If you are feeling any sort of bad feelings (anger, frustration, nervousness, anxiety), imagine that these feelings and their energy are being sucked down through the pillar of light into the Earth. Mother Earth will take this energy and use it to create good. Thank Gaia for Her assistance.

That's it for grounding. If you have any question or comments, feel free to post. I hope this helps. Smile

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Grounding Techniques Empty Re: Grounding Techniques

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:06 pm

I think this is another excellent article from you, baby. Second article youve written tonight that I think would work well both as a sticky here, and a post in the Basics board, if you so choose.

Now to comment on the techniques themself:

Eating- Have used this to ground a few times. Most often after a big ritual, because the food also serves the physical purpose of nourishing you after a draining event.

Arms above head- Have tried something similar to this, using my athame. I raise it above my head, focus the energy, and then point it directly too the ground when Im ready to ground the energy.

Visualization- I often visualize that I am a tree, and I am grounded through my roots. Or, I simply visualize my grounding cord extended far into the Earth from my Root Chakra.

I would like to add, that I find light exercise to be very grounding. Anything higher in intensity will probably be counter productive, however.

Love and Light,

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