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Spell to attract money..

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Spell to attract money.. Empty Spell to attract money..

Post  Eddie_E on Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:21 pm

This spell here is very simple i’ve tried it once before and it worked very well. Before i even did this spell i would never win on scratch offs, I'm serious NEVER; but i did this, and now i’m constantly winning on scratch offs, I swear. Every time i buy a scratch off I win and somehow some way i get money.

1 yellow candle
1 Green little bag
7 Quarters
Glass Clear Plate
Brown Paper & a Prayer

You’ll first have to get the 7 quarters and its not going to be so easy but not so hard either. The 7 quarters you get have to be from 7 random people it cant be your quartes it has to be maybe from a cousin, a Co worker, a friend or someone like that. Once you have received the 7 quartes you are going to get the brown paper, when i say brown i mean like the brown paper that you get when you buy beer or alcohol; Im not saying buy alcohol LOL. On that paper youll state your intention; maybe like a money spell or something that you feel will bring money to you. I usually call the North, south, east, and west for money so anywhere i go money comes my way. Once you have done that youll place the paper faced up on top of the plate and the quartes on top of the paper faced up, the quartes have to be like a flower like 1 quarter in the middle and the other 6 around the quarter. It dont have to be a big paper maybe 4 in. wide and 4 in. in height. Place the candle on top of the quartes and once the candle finishes put the quartes in the green bag and hide the bag somewhere where you might put money in, like a safe box or just a piggy bank.

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