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Spell to remove bad spirits

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Spell to remove bad spirits Empty Spell to remove bad spirits

Post  Eddie_E on Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:10 am

You will need to get a chile ancho, im not sure how you say that in english; but its a dried wide pepper. You will pass the chile ancho all over your body 9 times you can say a prayer for a stronger spell. After that you'll put the chile on top of some news paper break up the chile into little pieces and put some alcohol over it. Wrap the newspaper around the chile ancho step out side and let it burn, make sure it burns really good till its basically ashes. Then get a clear crystal cup put some water in it then put a hard garlic in the cup and put a cross on top of the cup and put it under your bed for protection against bad spirits. Then leave it there for 9 days then throw it out in your front yard. It works very well...

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