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Cleansing Spells

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Cleansing Spells

Post  Eddie_E on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:10 pm

Here i will put down just some simple cleanser spells. I know ive mentioned them before, but when i first started doing spells and other things i wanted the very easy basic spells so ill just share them. Its a start. =). Okay so remember you have to be positive and work with good energy.

1. Cleansing Spell
Ingredients - Egg and a white clear crystal cup.

You rub the egg through your whole body while chanting a prayer. The our father is the most known prayer to say. You can say either one depending on which god, goddess or angel you mainly work with. Say it 3 times and once your done crack the egg and break it in a cup put it in under your bed so while you sleep the rest of the negativity will fall in the egg. If you dont know how to protect your self yet just put the egg in a bag and throw it away in your dumpster at times when the egg is cracked the negativity can come back on you.

2. Shower in salt you can say a prayer if you like, it'll work better. Another thing you can do is throw salt on your left side of your shoulder. It's good to remove bad spirits. I was once told that half of the left body is for bad and right is for good. So throwing the salt will remove bad spirits.

3. Coconuts are also really good. You can break a coconut and with the juice thats inside of it, you shower with it; well more like put it on top of your head and let the juice just fall down through your body. You can use the coconut water in the cans as well.

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Re: Cleansing Spells

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:44 pm

I am fascinated still by how different your "brand" of magick is. I know its mostly regional, and that a lot of this is from the southern hemisphere. However, its more than that. Its almost like these are PURELY folk magick, and Ive never really seen that. I mean, we've all seen folk magick with its overtones of ceremony, but this is different entirely. I love it.
Jas DelaLuna
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