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Got to love the angels...<3

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Got to love the angels...<3

Post  Eddie_E on Sat Nov 19, 2011 12:10 pm

I pray to all my archangels, but the archangel that i pray and invoke the most is Archangel Michael. I for some reason have a strong connection with him and i dream about him quite a lot. I kind of just feel that he him self comes to me and gives me messages. I invoke archangel michael because, Archangel Michael is the most powerful, celebrated and well-known angel in history, scripture, art and literature. He and his complement, Faith, stand for protection, deliverance and faith. Working from the first ray of blue, they magnify God's power and strength. Archangel Michael uses a warrior's strength to provide protection for mankind. When working with Archangel Michael, he shows us how to increase our ability to deal with problems. He helps us cut through all distractions, and negotiate a path to serenity. While he is a warrior, his victory is obtained with gentleness. He helps us to be as Jesus said, "wiley as a serpent and gentle as a dove." I say his prayer of everyday and usually everything turns out pretty good. Below, i will post the prayer that i pray to him i usually take a shower with salt. Salt is know to remove negativity and blockages in your chakras and remove and take away bad spirits. It works better if its sea salt. You guys give it a try, usually when i clear my self from everything my messages get stronger and i can see things more clearly. Im if you guys have read some of my previous post i talk about how i have problems with bad spirits and negativity that is always after me so having Archangel Michael by my side he helps me be strong and protects me at all times, Is been said that Michael is like god. Today im going to go to the store and buy him a candle. =). i <3 Archangel Michael. I have been told that Zadkiel is actually my chosen angel for many reasons, but i don't know i cant seem to feel anything with him, but i guess i have to try harder. Angels come to you as soon as you call them and ask them for him. Like god says " If you ask you shall receive".

Michael is the leader of the archangels. His name means “he who is like God.” His job is to rid you of fear and negativity. He has the ability to clear your chakras (the energy centers of your body) so you can receive clear communication from God and the angels. He also provides courage, strength, and self-esteem to all those who choose to use their spiritual gifts to help and heal others. He is often referred to as the leader of the lightworkers, a term referring to those who choose to bring spiritual teaching to others.

This is The Prayer...

1. Sea Salt
2. Pray the prayer at least 3 times for a stronger help.

Prayer to Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael, I know you have the powerful ability to rid me of any fear, negativity, and insecurity. Please clear all my chakras and enlighten my energy centers with pure divine light so I may clearly receive divine guidance. Empower me with courage and strength so I can use all my spiritual gifts and abilities to help myself and others. Please heighten my self-esteem so I can trust what I receive and easily act upon it with confidence. Lead me, Archangel Michael, to a deeper connection with God and the divine. Thank you for all these gifts of healing and awareness.

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Re: Got to love the angels...<3

Post  Jas DelaLuna on Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:45 pm

Perfect Eddie, this is the kind of quality we desire greatly in a Topic from our dedicants. Good work
Jas DelaLuna
Elder God
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